Welcome to the Soft Launch

Warning: IdeasI’ve managed to post three times a week for two weeks; I’ve even got a couple posts in the queue.  I have a rough outline of future topics, blog software I like and a site design I don’t hate.  I’ve already rocketed to the the top of Google’s search results* so I guess it’s time to find some readers!

This site is an experiment to see if I can write a book on game design one page at a time.  The overall structure is still evolving, but I plan to continually reorganize anyway, so for now I’m focused on learning to write good well.  I’m struggling with the tone and style of my prose, as well as the detail and depth of the content, so I’d appreciate any feedback at “spheretip at gmail dot com”.  If you just want to tell me my design ideas suck, you can do that in the comments.

*if you search for “Jaime Griesemer’s definition of tuned

Update:  Well, hello twitter.  You found this site a little earlier than I expected and blew out my traffic numbers.  I appreciate the links and the… constructive feedback.  It’s been a long time since I have written anything for public consumption and I’m pretty rusty.  Just pretend this is an ARG for the next Michael Bay movie or something.  And leave some comments!

The Melinda Mae Method

Although this is a blogging site, this isn’t a blog.  I won’t be reviewing games or collecting links to more interesting writers or making “insightful” comments about the latest gaming news to troll for traffic.  In fact, even though these words will be public, I don’t expect anyone to read them, at least in this form.  I’m just going to pile up game design concepts, definitions and analysis until it reaches critical mass and becomes something else… or I run out of things to say.

Either way, I probably won’t have the patience to go 89 years.

Looks more like a manatee

*The consumption of raw or undercooked seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness