New Layout, New Focus

Eventually, I’ll have to supplement this self-indulgent experiment with a real job.  (Turns out retirement isn’t actually that exciting.)  And when I do, I’d like to be able to continue writing about game design, which means I need to make this site a little more manageable.  To that end, I made some changes to the format:

  • Added a twitter feed, so there will be something interesting to read between substantive updates and I’ll have a more immediate way to interact with readers.
  • Extended the table of contents to include the breadth of topics I would like to explore, and no more.  It’s featured prominently on the new sideboard.
  • Transformed my reading list links into a bibliography and updated it with what I am currently reading.
  • Chose a theme that is more suited to slowly building up a large amount of content.  The old theme looked nice (especially on mobile devices) but it was easy to miss updates and harder to follow the thread through multiple posts.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new layout.  Hopefully it will help me stay focused when I once again join the ranks of the gainfully employed.  (Speaking of my job search, if you know of any interesting design positions (especially in the Seattle area) check my resume and drop me a note!)

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