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Game Developer

Hey!  I’m in the August issue of Game Developer Magazine!

Game Developer Magazine

I didn't make the cover.

There I was, noodling around in my little corner of the internet — creatively avoiding updating the blog — when I got an email from the editors at Game Developer asking if I’d like to write a guest column for them. Boy, would I! So I combined a couple previous blog posts (Achievements Considered and Achievements Considered II) into a single piece. And after some excellent editing by the GD staff, I am now a paid writer! Check it out!

I'm well red...

They gave me a stack.

If you aren’t a subscriber, you easily could be, and then you could read it! They even have an online version.

One thought on “Game Developer

  1. I read that article and it’s what led me to your site. I really agree with everything you said, I see achievements as a blessing and a curse. The issue of over-incentivisation runs rampant through modern video game development.

    Anyway, I’m working through your other stuff on here. Very impressed. I guess I’ll plug myself, my game design blog is at I’m trying to cover very similar topics. Of course I don’t have any design chops, so I don’t have the experience to draw from that you do.

    Keep up the good work!

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